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Jimbaran was shocked by the discovery of young snakes and dozens of cobra eggs, imagine if you live near there, our Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service gets info from a well-known hotel in Jimbaran and we immediately handle the snake, in Jimbaran there are many cobra habitats because the area is still there are a lot of bushes or wild plants because there are still lots of empty land in Jimbaran, our Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service will provide a little education about, want to know anything, let’s read it until it runs out.

What Is a Snake?

Based on data from the Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service , snakes are a group of legless and long-bodied reptiles that are widespread in the world. Scientifically, all types of snakes are grouped in one suborder, namely Serpentes and are also members of the order Squamata (scaly reptiles), together with lizards. However, snakes (Serpentes) are themselves classified in the Ophidia clade, which is a class of reptiles with or without legs, long bodies, and a very different physiology from lizards.


Snakes are among the most successful developed reptiles in the world. Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service  often finds snakes in the following habitats: forests, grasslands, deserts / deserts, rivers, lakes, highlands, plantations, rice fields, the sea, and also in human settlements. However, like other reptiles, snakes are absent and cannot be found in cold areas such as on mountain tops and in the arctic circle. Most of the snakes live and live on the ground, some live and live in trees or plants. However, most species of snakes on the ground can climb trees. Apart from the ground and trees, snakes also live in the waters, there are even groups of snakes that live in water and never wander on land at all.


Snakes are carnivores, they prey on various types of animals smaller than their bodies. Tree snakes and land snakes prey on birds, mammals, frogs, other types of reptiles. Large snakes such as the reticulated python can prey on goats, deer, deer and even humans. The Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service once found a python eating a cat belonging to a local resident.


Like most other reptiles, to warm their body temperature and also to aid digestion, snakes often bask in the sun. As an exothermic animal, sunbathing is a way for snakes to maintain their body temperature externally. Snakes that live in sub-tropical areas always hibernate during the winter. Snakes also have to molt three to six times per year

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How to Catch Snakes

Our Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service  actually does not recommend you to do it yourself, but our Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service provides a little education so that you know and do it when you are pressed.

Catch Snakes With Nets

You can use a long, skinny object, such as a badminton or tennis racket, or a long broomstick attached to a mosquito net. When you see a snake, act immediately. Place a net in front of the snake’s head and lead it to enter. The object that is used to tie the net together should be long enough that you have a safe distance between your body and the snake while you try to catch it. Once the snake enters the net, immediately lift the net so that the snake cannot get out.

  • Make sure the net is large enough for the snake to be caught.
  • Placing the net in front of the snake’s head is effective because the animal will perceive it as a safe place so that it is willing to crawl in.
  • Approach the snake calmly and carefully. If you run and make a loud noise, it will make the snake run away quickly, or worse, bite you.

Use Trash Can And Sweep

The method of catching a snake is simple and you don’t need to make direct contact with it. Take the big trash can and roll it over. Use a broom to herd the snake into the trash. After that take the trash can to where you want to release the animal.

Pinch the snake

Do this method by placing a forked stick just behind the head. The amount of pressure must be adjusted to the size of the snake, but it must be strong enough to keep it from moving its head without hurting it. You can use a special snake-catching stick to catch the snake more effectively than a regular stick.

Use objects in your house to catch snakes

If a snake has infiltrated your home and you want to get rid of it quickly, you need to act quickly with the items that are available in your home. For example, take an old shirt, knead it, then throw it over the snake’s head and upper body. Usually, the snake will be frightened and curl up under the cloth. Without wasting any time, place the pillowcase on top of the shirt. Pull the edge of the pillowcase along the floor, grabbing both the shirt and the snake. You can also do this in a lingerie bag if you are big enough and you have the guts and know that the snake is not venomous.

It’s dangerous don’t do this at home

The Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service advises you not to do it at home if you don’t have knowledge about snakes because it will have fatal consequences.

  • The snake’s head is very flexible. Do not try to hold the head, as some snakes (especially some venomous species) can bite when held this way.
  • Remember that snakes are wild animals and can behave in unexpected ways when they feel threatened.
  • Your presence around him can be considered a threat. Make sure to be very careful when catching snakes.
  • Try not to catch the snake just by holding its tail. Most snakes cannot bend their body to bite your hand, but it can easily bite into the leg or groin. Use a long stick or other long object to hold the first 30 cm of the body. If you are forced to grab the snake by the tail, try to do it firmly and carefully and keep it as far away from your body as possible.
  • There may be restrictions on keeping wild snakes in your area. In addition, wild snakes may fear the conditions of the cage you have prepared for them, and may go on hunger strike. If you keep a wild snake for more than 30 days and then decide to release it, it will have a hard time surviving in the wild. So, make sure you are prepared to take responsibility for caring for and caring for these cold blooded creatures before making a decision.
  • Wrong advice can be fatal. When in doubt, don’t do anything.

The Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service recommends that you use a Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service that is trusted and has the permission to solve the problem of catching snakes in your home area, if you catch it yourself you might get hurt and can be bitten by the snake.

Our Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Service will also provide education when handling, indeed not all snakes are venomous but you have to minimize the incidence / very snake bites. Our Local Snake Removal Jimbaran Serviceprovides free education about snakes and we provide free consultation about snakes.

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