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A very cool atmosphere in the Nusa Dua Bali area, from a very private area with well-known restaurants such as Hamabe Japanese Restaurant – Raja’s Balinese Restaurant – duck bengil – Seasonal Tastes – Piasan Restaurant – Italian Cuisine etc. there is also a famous theater namely Devdan Show in Bali Nusa Dua Theater, this theater is the largest in Bali and the best in Bali, foreign tourists really like theaters like this, from everything I explain about Nusa Dua, there are few complaints in the area Our Bed Bugs Control In Nusa Dua often get information about bedbugs / mites, you must be someone who doesn’t know what bedbugs / mites are, so we from the Bed Bugs Control In Nusa Dua will provide a little information about bedbugs / mites and how to anticipate precisely and effectively.

What are bed bugs / mites?

Bed bugs or also known as tumila are parasitic insects from the Cimicidae family. Based on data from the Bed Bugs Control In Nusa Dua, bed bugs are known as a species that drinks human blood and other warm blooded animals. Bed bugs love to live in human homes, especially in beds. Bed bugs usually live and lay their eggs in bed folds or pillows and other hidden places. Bed bugs can bite without the victim realizing it, but bed bug bites will be felt in the morning and they will usually be aggressive at night. Bed bugs will cause bite marks in the form of bumps and feel itchy and hot on the victim. Bed bugs also like dark places. These parasitic insects can cause rashes, psychological effects, and allergy symptoms. This animal smells bad and is very strong on the nose.

5 Disease effects of bed bugs?

Bedbugs cause allergies to itchy skin

Mattress mites can cause skin itching. If it gets worse, it will turn into a red rash. It is the most common reaction when the skin is exposed to mite droppings. Basically, what is dangerous for humans is river faeces, not bed bugs themselves.

Mattress mites can also cause skin pain

In severe conditions, mattress mites can cause itchy skin to become scabies (scabies). If someone is exposed to scabies, they are very susceptible to transmitting the disease to others. In addition, even very severe conditions can be followed by fever. However, a condition that is very common and not severe is usually only itching followed by the appearance of rashes on the skin surface. You still have to be vigilant, it doesn’t mean that the condition cannot gradually become an increasingly severe condition. Hence, you must be diligent in eradicating mites that may nest in the mattress.

Apart from skin allergies, bed mites are also a cause of sneezing

This is another allergy caused by bed mites, when the bed mite’s droppings mix with dust and then inhale the air when humans breathe. The dust mixed with bed mite droppings will stick to the inner wall of the nose and cause an allergic reaction in the form of sneezing.

Mattress mite droppings trigger respiratory pain

As previously explained, air mixed with dust and mite droppings is very dangerous for inhalation. One of them is because the dirty air will stick to the nose and produce mucus which results in colds and even difficulty breathing. Bed linen that is left dirty for too long has the same effect. So, be diligent about cleaning the mattress at home.

Mattress mites are very dangerous for people with asthma

Apart from causing skin allergies, itching to scabies and colds, bed mites are also very dangerous for people with asthma. Asthma is a disorder of the human respiratory tract, causing symptoms in the form of difficulty breathing for sufferers. A person who has a history of asthma or even who does not even have a history of this disease, if he inhales dust that has been mixed with bed mite droppings, he may experience severe asthma symptoms.

10 Ways Bed Bugs Control In Nusa Dua To Deal With Bed Bugs

1. Drying the mattress

The first simple step in getting rid of bed bugs is to dry the mattress. This simple step is quite influential on the cleanliness of the mattress. Don’t forget to also dry the pillows, bolsters and blankets in direct sunlight. During the drying process, it is best to move items in the room so that dust and mites do not spread to other places.

2. Wash with hot water

The next step in getting rid of bed bugs is to wash items with hot water. You can mix hot water with antibacterial soap, then clean the mattress, pillow and bolster. Once clean, dry it in direct sunlight.

3. Evaporation

Evaporation using electric steam is the next stage to get rid of bed bugs. You can use an electric steam tool, then steam it along the seams of the mattress. Don’t forget to clean between the mattresses. Try to get all corners to get hot steam.

4. Sprinkle the Silica Gel

Did you know that silica gel can get rid of bed bugs? Silica is effective in removing bed bugs when sprinkled all over the mattress and room. When bed bugs stick to the silica gel, they will die on their own.

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5. Kerosene and Mothballs

The next step in getting rid of bed bugs is to use kerosene and camphor. You do this by mixing kerosene and camphor and then spraying it into the areas that are nest of mites, or bed bugs. This mixture is effective in killing bed bugs and is very practical because it uses easily available ingredients.

6. Candles

If you have a lot of candles at home, they can be used to get rid of bed bugs. The method is quite easy, you only need to drop the burned wax into the gap where bed bugs are. For the measure itself, the dose can be adjusted as needed. This natural method is quite effective in getting rid of bed bugs.

7. Insecticides

The next step, you can spray mosquito repellent to eradicate fleas or mites. Choose an insecticide with a poison that is not too harsh.

8. Salt

The next step, you can mix salt and water, then put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture on the mattress and other areas where bed bugs are hot.

9. Vinegar

Vinegar is a multifunctional ingredient. How to get rid of bed mites with this material is enough to spray vinegar on the bed bug nesting sites. The vinegar doesn’t need to be mixed with water, just transfer the vinegar solution to a spray bottle.

10. Durian Skin

Durian skin can be used to get rid of bed bugs, you know. The pungent smell of durian skin can help get rid of mattress mites. You do this by placing the durian skin in the bed bug nest.

Are there any other events to get rid of bed bugs?

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