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08 Aug

Get rid of Cockroaches Denpasar – Cockroaches have lived on earth for more than 300 million years. 1 in 3,500 species in the world, 55 of which are found in the United States. Of the many types of cockroaches that exist, the American cockroach is the most common. The hallmark of the American cockroach group or commonly called Blattaria is to have a flat body and two pairs of wings. Although cockroaches have wings, few are capable of flight.

5 Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

  1. Cockroaches are excellent climbing insects. This is because cockroaches have brush-like piles on their feet. The thousands of tiny pilus tips they possess create a force so that they can climb the surface of a steep vertical area
  2. Cockroaches can eat almost anything, including feces. When these tiny insects walk on food and surfaces, they can defecate and then contaminate the items in their path.
  3. Despite having two wings, cockroaches do not use them to fly. Some species actually use their wings to communicate. Like a cockroach rubbing its wings is done to attract attention from the opposite sex. These wings can also be used to startle predators, so the cockroaches can escape.
  4. Creates allergies in humans. In fact, 30 million Americans are allergic to cockroaches. When cockroaches change their skin or defecate, they secrete proteins that are produced from the body and then released into the environment. This protein is what humans are allergic to
  5. The preferred temperature conditions for cockroaches are around 29°-30° C or temperatures that cockroaches can live in between 26-40 C

Get Rid of Cockroach Denpasar

Cockroaches are insects that are very uncomfortable and pose a risk to health. Cockroaches can cause various types of diseases. In addition, the breeding of cockroaches is also very fast if not immediately eradicated. Prevent cockroaches from entering your home with Umas Pest Control. We have more than 10 years of experience in handling cockroaches and various other pests. Get a free check so that the treatment provided can be right on target.

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