November 27, 2021

Who does not know cockroaches, we often encounter them around us. But did you know that cockroaches have some facts that you need to know. Generally, there are only two cockroaches that we encounter in Indonesia, namely the German cockroach and the American cockroach. Cockroaches also have their own population and way of growth. Not only that as. We as spray roach bali want to explain fun facts about cockroaches.

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Facts About Cockroaches

Types of Cockroaches In Indonesia

1) American Cockroach

American cockroaches usually reside in sewers, bathrooms, kitchens and sewers. The habit of this cockroach is to like a moist and warm environment. Uniquely, this cockroach can live in low temperatures or more than 70 degrees Celsius.

2) German Cockroach

German cockroaches generally like dark, secluded areas for shelter such as under cabinets and behind refrigerators. The unique fact is that german cockroaches can enter homes through used furniture, packages, clothes, walls, so be careful.

Cockroach Population & Growth

Cockroaches are quite dangerous for our property and family. Just imagine, if 1 female cockroach manages to enter the house, in a year it can grow to 30,000. This is because one cockroach egg can hatch between 20 to 40 baby cockroaches.

In addition, in just one week, cockroaches can incubate their eggs. This very fast growth makes the cockroach population higher and it is very necessary to control it if you do not want human life to be threatened by cockroach terror. Terrible isn’t it?

Bad Habits of Cockroaches

Cockroaches have a habit of regurgitating food after chewing. This is what causes cockroaches to be dirty animals and can transmit diseases to humans if the population spreads around us. The bacteria contained in food that is spit out again by cockroaches, can easily stick to household furniture or human skin, so the risk of exposure to disease from cockroach bacteria is greater. So, as a cockroach extermination service in Bali, we highly recommend getting rid of cockroaches immediately if you see a cockroach in your home.

In addition, cockroaches are classified as nocturnal behavior animals that generally only come out/active at night. So that the invasion of cockroaches can be easily and freely carried out when humans are not in active hours. If not eradicated, we are easily exposed to diseases carried by cockroaches at night, and the next day when we wake up we will immediately feel the bad effects on our health.

Because cockroaches are active at night, you should be more vigilant when you see a cockroach active during the day, because it indicates that the population of cockroaches in your environment is already large. It is better to immediately take extermination steps so as not to be worse affected by this cockroach invasion.

Why You Need Spray Roach Bali

  • Although it rarely bites, cockroach’s body turns out to contain many risks of dangerous diseases, including:
  • Amoebic parasite that can cause dysentery
  • Parasites that cause giardiasis/infection of the small intestine
  • The virus that causes polio
  • Triggers itching alerts from saliva, feces and other body parts
  • E-coli and salmonella cause poisoning
  • Salmonella typhi bacteria cause typhoid
  • Staphylococcus bacteria cause staph infections that cause ulcers, impetigo, cellulitis to toxic shock syndrome
  • Stop the Spread of Cockroaches Right Now!

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